My (first ever!) video story is about a former competitive dancer and UW student named McKenna. McKenna no longer dances competitively, but takes UW dance classes and has taken a new turn in her dance life. She choreographs hip-hop dance routines for fraternity philanthropy competitions, teaches them to girls in her sorority and then performs them. McKenna calls her experience “a dancer’s fall from grace” when in reality her path in the dance world has just taken a different turn.

Editing the first draft of my video story

As this is my first video story (ever!) my main goal was to learn how to use the iMovie software to download video footage, photos and audio. I wanted to be able to incorporate different types of shots, transitions, captions, sound, etc. I also wanted a video that came together as a story instead of just a collage or jumble of different shots. My biggest reporting challenge was that I was unable to attend any of McKenna’s dance classes, which I originally thought was going to be the main part of my story, but it ended up working out since my story took on a new angle.

I believe I definitely succeeded in my goals as I learned how to utilize all above-mentioned aspects of iMovie (uploading video, stills and audio, using titles and transitions, etc.). I even learned how to do other things on iMovie that I had not originally anticipated, such as changing the coloring and lighting in shots as well as cropping shots. I met my goal of telling cohesive story as well.

If I had a chance to redo this project I would probably have selected a different location for McKenna to dance in (as opposed to the formal living room in the first few shots) although I am not exactly sure where I would have put her. I would have taken more shots from different angles while interviewing her and chose a brighter interview location. Additionally, I would have made sure to take stills before and after taking video (just in case!).