Who I’m following (related to technology, media and journalism) this week:

@TravelingAnna–  Annemarie Dooling “Brooklyn native travel blogger; Friend of bourbon; Former magazine editor turned digital producer; Eternal searcher.”

@skidder– Scott Kidder “director of editorial operations at gawker media, business guy at the hype machine, drinker of iced tea.”

@JustJon– Jon “Coder, Modder, Gamer, Blogger, Lego Builder, RonFez.Net Webmaster”

@palafo– Patrick LaForge “An editor at The New York Times. I post what I’m reading. Links and retweets of non-NYT content are not endorsements. Caveat lector.”

@hamsandwich– Dave Surgan “herosquad.tumblr.com Music. Social Strategy. Photography.”